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    1. Talented and lovely performance Pooja

    2. Beautiful Pooja .. wish you the best always πŸ‘

  1. Very well done, Good luck Pooja

    1. Beautiful performance. Good Luck

  2. Beautiful, Pooja.

    1. Awesome performance Pooja

  3. Amazing performance Pooja!! Great job!!

  4. Beautiful performance Pooja πŸ‘Œ

  5. Awesome
    Beautiful creation Pooja

  6. Superb Pooja! All the best!

  7. So graceful Pooja. God bless

    1. So graceful….Pooja..!

  8. Very neat presentation puja.. Good job and keep your dancing spirit alive always.. God bless you..

  9. Gayathri Krishnamurthy

    Nice tandava dance Pooja! Suits you well. keep up the good work.

  10. Awesome Performance..Pooja …Ajji loved it !!!!

  11. Love the fluidity with which you move and the transition from one pose to another sequence.
    Good luck, Pooja.

  12. Powerful and beautiful performance Pooja!

  13. Beautiful and graceful
    performance Pooja. Best wishes to you.

  14. Lovely performance Pooja. Best wishes from Chawla family!

  15. Incredible performance Pooja!! Very proud of you!!

  16. Pure Talent from start to Finish ! Well done πŸ‘….
    Dr Kirpalani

  17. Absolutely beautiful dance Pooja.Keep up the good work you are doing. Smj blessings to you always!

  18. Congratulations and best wishes Pooja!
    What a wonderful dance!

  19. Wonderful performance Pooja! Very graceful!

  20. Pooja, Awesome performance and you look great πŸ‘πŸ‘

  21. Pooja, Awesome performance and you look great.

  22. Awesome Performance Pooja

  23. What a powerful performance! Well done Pooja!

  24. Fantastic! Well done Pooja!

  25. Rohini Puttabasavaiah

    Beautiful performance Pooja!!!

  26. Awesome performance Pooja. Best of luck

  27. Wonderful performance Pooja! Good luck!

  28. Got goosebumps watching Pooja performing this beautiful piece. Best wishes.

  29. Awesome Pooja. You are such a graceful dancer and have so much energy! Loved watching your performance!

    1. such a powerful performance for a powerful song. enjoyed watching pooja. our best wishes to you

  30. Awesome πŸ‘ keep up good work Pooja.

  31. Beautiful performance Pooja.Keep going great and best wishes.Diwakar

  32. Another stunning and amazing dance. I love your choreography and dance skills as well!!!

  33. Lovely Performance dear Pooja !!! Best wishes !!

  34. Nice energetic dance Pooja! Good job!

  35. Kudos to Pooja for stellar performance!!

  36. Beautifully done! Pooja. Tandav dance suits you. Nice flexibility and energy.

  37. Great job Pooja our rising star! Truly amazing

  38. Awesome performance

  39. Very nicely done Pooja. Your flexibility is pretty impressive.. loved the backbends

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