CRY Superstar

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  1. Voting is a small formality
    We adore you live you snd aporeciate you for bring role model for others
    My best wishes and Blessings

    1. Really proud of you Hema best of luck

  2. So nice

    1. Great dancing 🤚🕺🕺

  3. Good dancing, appreciating your good vibes.

  4. Great.

  5. Your determination should be a motivation for all. My best wishes Hema.

  6. Great 🙏

  7. Super chechi kalakki

  8. God bless you dear….stay happy and keep inspiring all around you….

  9. Superb performance Hema 😘😘
    All the best dear ❤️❤️

  10. Wow.
    You are so so amazing Hema. So proud of you.
    All the very best ❤️

  11. All the best Hema
    You are a shining star
    Love your dance
    God bless

  12. Beautiful! God bless .

  13. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments and the support! ❤️

  14. Excellent dance and what an effort , good luck !!

  15. Beautiful and inspiring Hema! Very nice I hope this reaches a lot of people who will be inspired and motivated by it.

  16. So graceful!! 🥰

  17. Superb Hema 😍😍

  18. You rock Hema . More power to you . Best regards, Monisha

  19. Nice. Keeping going

  20. Loved it Hema!
    My daughter .. a teenager says “She’s BEAUTIFUL!”
    Keep dancing!

  21. Brilliant dancing . This is such a nice gesture.

  22. All the best Hema !!! keep rocking !!!

  23. All the best Hema!

  24. Beautiful & inspiring! Way to go girl 💝👏

  25. All the best Hema !!

  26. Superb..talented 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 keep rocking

  27. Wow! Superb!!!!

  28. Santhoshkumar Sukumaran

    Super Hema and keep it up

  29. Hema, thank you for perking up my day with your energy and smile! Keep grooving! Big smile and hug!

  30. Fabulous!

  31. Superb stuff girl

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