CRY Superstar

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  1. Dhyuthis rendition is super melodious and she enjoys music and the Kahani

  2. Singing for CRY is super good work Dhyuthi! It is a service

  3. Super Practice makes you perfect

  4. This is really good. Develop your skills and shine – all the best

  5. Awesome 👏🏽 excellent rendering 👌🏽
    Amazing voice. Way to go!

  6. Lively song equally lively n melodious rendition so much of cheer evident!!!!

  7. R Narayanamoorthy Narayanamoorthy

    Enjoyed. Good job. Best wishes.

  8. Beautiful singing Dhyuthi! This is your signature songg. Proud of youu

  9. This is a very fun upbeat song and you sang it very well Dhyuthi! Always so proud of youu.

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