CRY Superstar

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  1. Good job Dhwani !!

  2. Wow… Keep it up dhwani😍

  3. Awesome job Dhwani!!

  4. Love love love ! So graceful and superb facial expressions Dhwani!

  5. It is so graceful Dhwani, superb performance. Keep it up💕💕

  6. You are an amazing and graceful dancer! Beautiful dance.

  7. Shraddha Dave-Pandya

    Awesome dance Dhwani… You rocked the stage as always… Keep it up!!!

  8. Jabarjast.. good job Dhwani 👍😍

  9. Good job Dhwani.. keep it up!! 😍

  10. Amazing kathak dance… at such a young age👌🤩🤩

  11. I have seen your performances…you are excellent 😍

  12. Oh my god! How can you spin so fast! Fantastic Dhwani 🤩

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